Delaware Aviation Hall of Fame Seeking Nominations

To: Presidents, Managers, Operators of Delaware Aviation Organizations
From: Hugh Horning, President, DAHF

Postmark March 1, 2012 is deadline for nominations for the class of 2012 inductees. To date, over 12 years, we have inducted 73 deserving individuals.

I am sending this info to you in the hope that you will share it with your members, employees via email, newsletter, bulletin board, etc. as a number of them may wish to make such nominations of associates, co-workers, friends, etc.

John Carney's response

No matter what your political affiliation, we all expect our representatives in Washington to give an ear to our concerns. I understand our representatives are busy people, but it is not unreasonable for me to expect them to know their business. If reading my letter is delegated to staff, I am assume my letter will weigh in on some spread sheet or report. The problem is I get a form letter back which reflects Mr. Carney is unaware of the user fee to which I am referring, no one actually read my letter OR no one much cares.

Mr. Carney,

Note from AOPA President Craig Fuller AOPA stand on users fees verus FAA re-authorization bill

From: "AOPA President Craig Fuller"
Date: Jul 21, 2011 5:18:59 PM
Subject: User Fees are back – Act Now!

Regrettably, general aviation user fees are back. They have come at the worst possible time, and they are coming in through the back door in a most challenging way.

I need to say right up front, we need your help. We need every member of the general aviation community to reach out now and let your congressman and senators know that general aviation user fees are wrong!


DECEMBER 7th, 2011

New Castle County Airport TOWER TOUR
We will meet in the lobby of the terminal, share cookies and stories while we wait our turn at the tour. Space is limited, so download newsletter for RSVP instructions. Or call Kimberley.


$ 100 user fee, DASi's 20th Anniversary, events, no GA mechanic at KILG, Dover CAT ....look inside!

Letter to our representatives reguarding $100 user fee

Dear Senator Coons, Senator Carper, and Congressman

Delaware Aviation Career Day

Delaware Aviation Industry Hosts First Aviation Career Day
Static Display of Aircraft at New Castle Airport
Career Day for High School Students Scheduled for Saturday, November 5
(New Castle, DE) The Delaware Aviation Advisory Council (DAAC) and partners will hold the first

Take Aviation User Fees off the table

Every signature on this petition gives it more weight.

We petition the Obama administration to:
Take Aviation User Fees off the table

At a time when we should be working to simplify the tax codes, the administration wants to make it more complex by adding another new fee to the aviation system.

National Business Aviation Association

Testimony of Ed Bolen, National Business Aviation Association President and CEO, for the United States International Trade Commission Investigation, Business Jet Aircraft Industry: Structure and Factors Affecting Competitiveness



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