New Issue of FAA Safety Briefing Now Available

The March/April 2013 issue of FAA Safety Briefing focuses on the themes of the 4th Annual FAA Safety Standdown: building a safety community, human error, and loss of control - the leading causal factor in general aviation accidents. Articles explore each of these critical areas and provide important insight, tips and resources for improving GA safety.

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AOPA wants to hear about problems resulting for FAA sequestration cuts

On March 1 the administration and Congress failed to halt legislation that imposes automatic, across-the-board federal spending cuts of $85 billion. The FAA told aviation industry representatives that its share of cuts would total $600 million—the largest portion of the cuts sustained by the Department of Transportation.

KILG to close tower?

Read letter from FAA and download list of airports. These cuts will also affect safety officers and certification processes.

latest upgrades to make it more user friendly

Have you been frustrated when trying to register or un-register for the WINGS program? FAA has rolled out an easier to use website. If were use to the old, you might want to read the following PDF.

to read the PDF for changes and instructions:

Congratulations to Hugh Horning

Wilmington Pilot, 86 Receives
FAA Wright Brothers Master Pilot Award
Hugh B. Horning, 86, of Wilmington(DE) and The Eastern Shore(MD) received the prestigious FAA Wright Brothers Master Pilot Award on March 4 during a presentation by FAA personnel. The award is granted to those pilots who have flown for fifty consecutive years accident-free and who have participated significantly in a variety of General Aviation organizations and activities. The award (plaque, certificate and pin) is held by only 1/3rd of one percent of all U.S. pilots.

Air Traffic Control Facilities That Could be Closed

Budget cuts will force the Federal Aviation Administration to reduce airport staffing around the country, shutting towers at smaller airports and causing a general slowdown of civil aviation operations.

New Castle Airport Tower (ILG) is on the list of smaller airport towers that could close as a result of sequestering.


It looks like unmanned drones are here. What we need to do is be sure the operators and regulations make it safe for us to fly. This has a potential of diminishing our airspace. Delaware has a lot of private airstrips that could suffer. Most concerns I have read are from people worried about privacy. Aviation needs to get in the discussion. Drones are another type of aircraft; operator should be trained as thoroughly as possible. Grounding all drones is not the goal. There are situations where people or events on the ground are dangerous and a drone would be a great tool.

Aviation Association Meeting at Bear Library

I want to thank everybody who made an effort to come out last night. Getting together with other organizations and hearing their points of view was engaging. I hope we have created the foundation of a synergy between our groups.

Integration of Drones into Domestic Airspace: Selected Legal Issues

This is more about privacy but it does have footnotes that will get you to some more information.

Unmanned drones coming to Delaware?

February 23, 2013-Presentation considers monitoring of wildlife, crops by unmanned aircraft.

A presentation on the monitoring of wildlife and crops by unmanned aircraft will be held at 1 p.m., Saturday, Feb. 23, at the Delaware Department of Agriculture in Dover.
Speakers will consider the uses of unmanned aircraft in checking the health of crops and forests and monitoring wildlife populations.


Local Radar