Lawsuit Dismissal Clears Path to Thorough Unleaded Fuel Research

March 29, 2013 - This week's U.S. District Court dismissal of a lawsuit brought by the Friends of the Earth (FOE) environmental activist group should clear the way for continued thorough evaluations of unleaded alternatives to 100 low-lead aviation gasoline, according to the Experimental Aircraft Association. Those unleaded alternative fuels are intended to safely and economically meet the needs of the existing fleet of general aviation aircraft to the greatest extent possible.

Craig Fuller talk ANNOUNCEMENT to print and post.

Craig Fuller talk ANNOUNCEMENT to print AND POST.

ILG closure UPDATE ....

Helen Woods, Chief Flight Instructor, Chesapeake Sport Pilot, informs me that ILG IS on the list to close, but next year. The reason is because the airport towers that are closing are FAA contractors, ILG tower is FAA union. Manassas in the linked article is in the same situation.

KILG Condo Hangar for sale

A condo hangar at KILG in New Castle, DE is also available for purchase for $25,000, or $20,000 if purchased together with the aircraft. The condo ground lease is $100 per month plus $100 per month condo maintenance reserve fee.

For more pictures and contact info go to:

ILG not on list to close

Today FAA released the list of 149 airports to close in the next month. New Castle County Airport is not on the list (see link below). Obviously, this is at least partially due to Vice President Biden. I do not think we should celebrate. There are furloughs are enforced. The press is already hyperventilating about commercial traffic delays. What ever comes next can't be good for aviation.

On the List to close:

Tour of the International space station

This is pretty cool. A guided tour. Its about 25 minutes long, but fun to see.

AOPA offering Job Bulletin Board - find jobs, advertise jobs

New member benefit: Job board
AOPA is launching the AOPA Aviation Job Board as a new service for its members. Post your resume and search positions from around the world in and related to the aviation industry. As a member you will see job listings 24 hours before the public. If you are seeking highly qualified candidates, post your job.

Cessna's New Single Engine Piston

Cessna testing world's fastest fixed gear, single engine piston aircraft in production. Cessna Corvalis TT-X. More than a pretty paint job. Visit their site, droll over photographs, download broshures and dream on.

Philadelphia Controller and others receive Awards

The ninth annual Archie League Medal of Safety Awards banquet in Las Vegas, Nev., March 6 honored Air Traffic Controllers. This is an especially good time to be reminded what controllers do.

New Issue of FAA Safety Briefing Now Available

The March/April 2013 issue of FAA Safety Briefing focuses on the themes of the 4th Annual FAA Safety Standdown: building a safety community, human error, and loss of control - the leading causal factor in general aviation accidents. Articles explore each of these critical areas and provide important insight, tips and resources for improving GA safety.

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