Jeppesen offers Mobile FliteDeck for VFR flight

Offers free 30 day trial:
Their advertisement states:

Get a seamless, data-driven vector depiction of the best navigational information available.
Eliminate the need to switch from enroute to taxi on more than 400 towered GA airports.
Access flight planning, weather, NOTAMs and everything else you need to enjoy a VFR flight - all for just $49 per year.

AOPA Objects to Sleep Apnea Screening for Overweight Pilots

AOPA is asking the FAA to indefinitely suspend implementation of a new policy that would require some pilots to be screened and, if necessary, treated for obstructive sleep apnea before receiving a medical certificate. The screening would initially apply to pilots with a body mass index (BMI) over 40. Over time, the FAA would lower the BMI requirement, compelling more pilots to be screened by a board-certified sleep specialist.

FAA Releases Unmanned Aircraft Systems Integration Roadmap

Press Release – FAA Releases Unmanned Aircraft Systems Integration Roadmap

AOPA has site to buy and sell used airplanes

Whether you are really in the market or just want to spend a few minutes dreaming ....

Lake Henry VORTAC Wilkes-Barre, PA Decommissioned

Lake Henry (LHY) VORTAC Decommissioning
Notice Number: NOTC5002

On Thursday October 17, 2013 the Lake Henry (LHY) VORTAC was decommissioned and Air Traffic Service (ATS) Routes in the Northeastern United States that utilized LHY have been amended. With the decommissioning of the LHY VORTAC, ground-based navigation aid (NAVAID) coverage is insufficient to enable the continuity of all the airways, therefore, modifications were necessary to prevent a gap in route structures.
Please go to the link below to read the entire Eastern Service Center Letter to Airmen No. 13-02

EAA Grassroots Tour in NJ & PA

Each Grassroots Tour stop is a fun, informative evening where we will talk about the leading aviation issues of our time, and what EAA is doing to grow participation in aviation and inspire the next generation of aviators. Admission is free, so bring a friend and your questions! Featuring Jeff Skiles, EAA Vice President, Chapters and Youth Education.

WINGS Seminars may Cancel - Effect of Possible Government Shutdown

Effect of Possible Government Shutdown
Notice Number: NOTC4990


2013 Delaware Aviation Hall of Fame Honors Banquet
Saturday October 19, 2013 reminder about pills

Are You Taking Slow Pills Before You Fly?
Notice Number: NOTC4975

Many common medications are known to slow the thinking process and slow reaction times. When combined with bad weather, an unfamiliar area or unexpected flight events, this slowness caused by the medication may be the final factor that causes an accident. Pilots should preflight themselves before they preflight the aircraft.

- Use the IM SAFE checklist -

September/October 2013 issue of FAA Safety Briefing Now Available

New Issue of FAA Safety Briefing Available
Notice Number: NOTC4954


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