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Take online flight classes at Utah Valley University

1,600 students worldwide take online flight classes

by Caleb Warnock - Daily Herald
April 05, 2014

OREM -- If you want to be certified to fly, UVU is the place for you -- and the world.

Most people may be startled to know that while UVU's flight school has 200 students on campus, it has an additional 1,600 students learning to fly online.

FAA considers imposing limits on certain SLSA regardless of pilot certification

FAA Order Would Hamper Development of Electric Airplanes, Warns AOPA
Draft order would impose restrictions on several class of general aviation aircraft, including electric-powered models, restricting the areas they could operate.

FAA forecast for GA predicts dimming future

Warning signs in FAA forecast
March 30, 2014 by Charles Spence

The recently released forecast by the FAA for 2014 to 2034 is generally upbeat for aviation, but when digging into the big report it had a picture not so rosy for much of general aviation. This should send an alert to GA’s alphabet groups and those in the industry to rev up their programs.

AOPA aims to get "Rusty Pilots" back in the Air.

The research is conclusive: Most lapsed pilots would happily return to the left seat if only the path forward didn’t seem so daunting.

Here’s the good news: It isn’t.

AOPA helps pilots get back in the air with the new Rusty Pilots program.To show the way, AOPA is introducing a new national program offering rusty pilots a total package—the place, the people, and the plan—to return to flying.

Local EAA is offering Flight Training Scholarships - Available for Youngsters

News from Experimental Aircraft Association Local Chapter 240 (EAA240)

Flight Training Scholarships - Available for Youngsters

Membership Meeting MONDAY APRIL 7, 2014

Great Visit - wish you were there!

Membership Meeting
6 pm.

ALL are welcome
but you must
make a Reservation to be admitted
to Delaware Air National Guard Base

Use contact tab under empennage to make a reservation.
I will email you particulars.

Tours of New Castle Airport Air Traffic Control Tower & the Airfield

Airport and Tower Tour - From The Tower And The Ground
Notice Number: NOTC5202

FAA Webinar three times on March 13th

Free Live Webinar! March 13, 2014
Notice Number: NOTC5195

The live safety seminar comes to you! No need to travel, sit on a hard chair, endure uncomfortable temperatures, or be exposed to colds or flu! Join us for this informative program and earn WINGS credit!

Cessna gives up on LSA Skycatcher

I found this article about Cessna's miscues leading to the failure of Skycatcher to catch-on. It is well written and informative. LSA may be the future of affordable general aviation, but the manufacture needs to know their customers.


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