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Reminder on IFR Clearances-UPDATE

Reminder on IFR Clearances-UPDATE
Notice Number: NOTC9597

Reminder on IFR Clearances-UPDATE
As part of a continued effort to streamline service delivery, the FAA recently published phone numbers for pilots to obtain or cancel IFR clearances directly from Air Traffic at non-towered airports. The phone numbers to obtain clearance delivery are listed in the communications section of the Chart Supplement, US. Please note that pilots can still contact Flight Service to cancel their IFR by calling 1-800-WX-BRIEF (1-800-992-7433).
Many airports have direct communications outlets to Air Traffic. If a clearance delivery phone number is not listed, use one of the communication outlet options available for your airport. Remote Communications Outlet (RCO) frequency for Flight Service or Remote Transmit Receive Outlet (RTR) frequency for Air Traffic Ground Communication Outlet (GCO) connection to Air Traffic - If the GCO only connects to Flight Service, contact Air Traffic via the telephone number provided (currently available via NOTAM until published)
This initiative does not affect pilots requesting clearances from locations in Alaska. Find the information for your local airport at:

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