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FAA Safety Briefing Subscribe Share Print Flying Companions Guide to GA: Part II | March/April 2018

The March/April 2018 issue of FAA Safety Briefing focuses on Flying Companions. Building on our previous companion-based edition in 2014, this issue is specifically designed for the friends and loved ones who join us in the air or might have an interest in doing so. Feature articles help regular or prospective passengers gain a better understanding of the world of general aviation and offer the tips, techniques, and resources needed to take a more active role during flight.

Aviation 101: Understanding the Flying Companion Role

Bring Your "A" Game: Fly the Airplane, First and Always

Flight of the Navigator: Improve Your Navigation Skills as a Flying Companion

In the Air and ON the Air: Decoding (and Parroting) Pilot Patter

See Something? Say Something! Flying Companion's Guide to Help Manage Risk

Flying with Mates, Munchkins, and Mutts: Tips for Keeping Your Passengers Safe — and Happy

You Can’t Take All That! What Aircraft Weight & Balance Means to You

How to Be a Weather Wingman: Pay It Forward with PIREPs