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FAA Safety Briefing September/October 2017

Flight Instructor Refresher | September/October 2017

The September/October 2017 issue of FAA Safety Briefing explores the critical role flight instructors play in keeping the National Airspace System safe. Feature articles focus on flight instructor requirements and best practices as well as the many tools and educational resources that can help sharpen your teaching skills.

Feature Articles

Compliance Philosophy for Flight Instructors: A Look at Regulations and Safety Management

Getting the Gouge: Ten Things Instructors Need to Know about Using the ACS

Flight Instructor Resources: Your Guide to Lifelong Learning

Teaching Technology: Instilling the Right Aptitudes and Attitudes for Safety

Renewing Your ’Lease:’ Options for Flight Instructor Certification Renewal

Shifting Gears: Tips for Tackling Transition Training

A Different World: The Transition from Military to Civilian Flight Instructor