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Delaware Aviation Advisory Council Meeting

This is a governmental meeting open to the public ...

Delaware Aviation Advisory Council Meeting
July 19, 2017
DelDOT Administration Building
Farmington/Felton Conference Room
Dover DE

WHAT IS the Delaware Aviation Advisory Council??

Ҥ 103. Delaware Aviation Advisory Council.

In accordance with the intent and purpose of this Chapter, as set forth therein, the Department is authorized to appoint and select members of a Delaware Aviation Advisory Council (DAAC), to assist the Department in furthering and promoting the interests of aviation in Delaware, as defined by Part 1 of this Title. The Delaware Aviation Advisory Council shall serve in an advisory capacity and in that role shall have such power and authority as may be granted by the Secretary to recommend measures consistent with the intent and purposes set forth in this Chapter. Such measures may include but are not limited to: supporting the Department in the planning and implementation of aviation system enhancements; supporting and promoting aviation education; recommending new or improvements to existing locations, facilities, programs, projects, equipment and recommending other related activities to support and improve aviation. The Delaware Aviation Advisory Council shall consist of nine (9) members, which shall include at the least one representative from each of the following:

1. a Fixed Base Operator (FBO);

2. the Delaware River & Bay Authority (DRBA);

3. an aviation education representative;

4. a representative from corporate aviation;

5. one (1) representative each from New Castle, Kent and Sussex Counties; and

6. two (2) at large members selected by the Secretary.”.