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Delaware Aviation Advisory Council proposes two Aviation Funding Bills

From Our friend Henry "Chick" Chinski

Two aviation bills that the Delaware Aviation Advisory Council has proposed, and are working on getting sponsored and submitted. These two bills would put Delaware in line with what the states around us are doing, one bill has to do with a small registration fee on aircraft registered here, but not based here, the second bill is a five cent tax on Jet-A fuel. This legislation & the funds created would be earmarked for Aviation here in Delaware.

With aviation generating over one billion dollars to the Delaware economy & generating forty million plus in state & local taxes, it is obvious that this revenue will keep aviation in Delaware strong and a continued vital part of our economy

The advisory council is made up of a cross section of Delaware Aviation interests, a representative from each County, Aviation Education, Ag spray operators Allen & Jeff Chorman, the Delaware River & Bay authority, Corporate aviation, Sussex county Airport director, Representative from Summit Aviation & a representative from (DASI) Delaware Aviation Support Inc.

Legislators who have expressed interest, Kevin S Hensley, Earl G. Jaques, Valerie Longhurst, Edward S. Osienski, Daniel B. Short, John J. Viola, Charles Post.

Also, a number of Senators have expressed interest in these two pieces of legislation. There has never been a better time to get this submitted and acted on, the planets have aligned if you will.... Please let us know your thoughts & how we might proceed or be of help.

See Chick's Video:

The next Delaware Aviation Advisory Council will be Wednesday May 24, 2017 4:30pm – 7pm