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Delaware Aviation Hall of Fame seeks Youth Award nominees

Youth Achievement Award

DAHF Opens its Annual Search for an Exceptional Youth Whose Passion is Aviation

NEWARK – The Delaware Aviation Hall of Fame (DAHF) needs your help in our 2015 search to find and honor a deserving young person between 15 and 21 who loves aviation. Founded in 2000 to commemorate the First State’s aviation achievers, DAHF is accepting nominations through June 1st for this year’s Youth Achievement Award from schools, other organizations, and the general public. The award designee will be celebrated at the Honors Banquet at U of D’s Clayton Hall on October 10th, alongside this year’s Aviation Hall of Fame inductees.

Candidacy for this award is open to anyone who meets the criteria below and is actively pursuing an interest in aviation. Practically any aspect of aviation is acceptable—in the air or on the ground, civilian or military (e.g., pilot training, airframe & powerplant (A&P) certification, ROTC, ground service, operations management, aerospace engineering, etc.). If you know of someone who is worthy of recognition, please consider sponsoring him/her. Remember, nominations must be received by June 1st.

Selection criteria

Age between 15 and 21

Native or current resident of Delaware (Non-residents may qualify if they are currently enrolled in a formal Delaware aviation training program or are receiving training from a certified flight instructor in Delaware.)

Upstanding character (e.g., demonstrated achievement in his/her area of aviation; strong leadership qualities; documented community service; creative demonstration of aviation interests; active membership in aviation organizations, etc.)

Goal to pursue an aviation-related career

Type your nomination using two pages or less, single-spaced. Provide a strong description of how your nominee clearly meets criterion #3. You are welcome to include supporting documents (e.g., awards, citations, news articles, letters of recommendation, etc.).

Please send nominations by June 1, 2015 to the Delaware Aviation Hall of Fame through our web site (; by email directly to Yeni Ocampo,; or by regular mail to PO Box 4303, Greenville, DE 19807.

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IMAGE: James Reagan former award winner: