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Mastering Cross Wind Takeoffs and Landings

"Annual Essex Skypark Wings & Wheels"
Topic: Mastering Cross Wind Takeoffs and Landings
On Saturday, September 20, 2014 at 10:00
Essex Skypark
1401 Diffendall Rd

Essex, MD 21221

Select Number: EA0757766

Poor crosswind technique is a major cause of loss of control during landing and takeoff. As a local Designated Pilot Examiner, FAASTeam Rep, John Cutcher has had many opportunities to see good and bad crosswind technique. He will be presenting what he has learned at the Essex Skypark Wings and Wheels weekend. Come learn from his experience, enjoy the food, music, aircraft and automobiles on display and, if you fly in, take home the T shirt! Click the link below and register TODAY.

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