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July August 2014 FAA Safety Briefing Now Available

The July/August 2014 issue of FAA Safety Briefing focuses on Flying Companions. In this issue we look to provide a basic guide for friends and loved ones who join us in the air or might have an interest in doing so. In addition, you can learn about the current state of ADS-B and where it’s going in the future.

Fighting the Fear, Finding the Fun!
The Cockpit Companion’s Guide to GA Flying Enjoyment
by Susan Parson

The Voice of Reason Partnering for Safety and Risk Management
by Susan Parson

Why the Frame Matters How the Context of a First Flight Makes a Difference
by James Williams

20 “Don’t Make Me Turn This Thing Around!” Or, A Guide on How to Treat Your Pilot
by Sabrina Woods

26 WikiAnswers: How Airplanes Work
by Sabrina Woods

30 ADS-B Ins and Outs
by Frances Fiorino

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