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It looks like unmanned drones are here. What we need to do is be sure the operators and regulations make it safe for us to fly. This has a potential of diminishing our airspace. Delaware has a lot of private airstrips that could suffer. Most concerns I have read are from people worried about privacy. Aviation needs to get in the discussion. Drones are another type of aircraft; operator should be trained as thoroughly as possible. Grounding all drones is not the goal. There are situations where people or events on the ground are dangerous and a drone would be a great tool. However, use of unmanned, GPS-guided drone as a cool gadget should be questioned. There are some deep concerns about having drones operated by non-government parties.

Quotes found in:

“… the inability for UAS to sense and avoid other aircraft and airborne objects in a manner similar to manned aircraft; vulnerabilities in the command and control of UAS operations; the lack of technological and operational standards needed to guide safe and consistent performance of UAS; and final regulations to accelerate the safe integration of UAS into the national airspace system.”

“…nonmilitary UAS GPS signals are unencrypted, risking potential interruption of the command and control of UAS.”