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Hurricane Sandy recovery is affecting airspace

**** Specific instructions and restrictions are available at ****

As recovery efforts along the east coast are underway in the wake of Hurricane/Superstorm Sandy, pilots are advised to exercise caution and stay abreast of FAA Special Notices and/or temporary flight restrictions (TFR) for impacted geographic areas. Pilots and operators should check NOTAMs frequently due to changing weather conditions and the availability of infrastructure to support flight operations. Specific instructions and restrictions are available at once the Special Notice/NOTAM has been issued. You can also get information and updates by following FAA on Twitter (@FAANews) and on Facebook (

A Special Notice issued Tuesday, Oct. 30, (0800 local and until further notice) advises aircraft operators to avoid the airspace bound by the New York Class Bravo 1,500 feet and below due to extensive disaster relief, recovery and reconstitution efforts, search and rescue, law enforcement and medivac operations being conducted in and around the New York City and Newark Metropolitan areas. Aircraft operators are reminded to maintain heightened vigilance and situational awareness while operating within the affected areas