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HELIPROPS is available electronically online

Bell Helicopter, Textron Inc. safety publication, Helicopter Professional Pilots Safety Program or HELIPROPS, designed for helicopter pilots is available electronically online. Bell’s newsletter Human AD Airworthiness for Humans is published in English and Spanish and is distributed to readers in approximately 123 countries. A popular feature of the newsletter are articles from helicopter pilot’s own experiences flying in “unusual situations;” all for the purpose of exchanging safety information, best practices, etc, pilot to pilot. The web site, is a free resource for pilots, mechanics, owners - operators, students and enthusiasts. From the web site readers are able to download the Human AD newsletter, HELIPROPS Safety Posters and the “History of Helicopter Safety,” authored by Helicopter Safety Consultant, Roy Fox. The FAAST program is committed to the reduction of helicopter accidents and encourages FAAST members as well as other airmen to review this valuable source of safety information.
The latest Volume 23 No. 1" issues of the HELIPROPS newsletter is now available at: